Safeguarding Canadians’ Personal Tax Information

June 14, 2023

Tax-Filer Empowerment Canada Members Sign on to Industry Code of Conduct

June 14, 2023

OTTAWA – Tax-Filer Empowerment Canada (TFEC), the national association representing Canada’s tax preparation and software industry, is proud to announce the release of the tax preparation and software industry’s first-ever Code of Conduct to safeguard the privacy and security of Canadians’ tax-filing data.

Adopted March 10, 2023, TFEC’s Code of Conduct to Safeguard Canadians’ Personal Tax Information commits Member companies to measures that will ensure that Canadian tax-filers’ personal information is kept secure. The Code of Conduct provides reassurance to Canadians that their tax-filing data is collected only for limited purposes, with informed consent, and will be protected from outside interference and intrusion. It confirms that TFEC Members are in compliance with the terms and objectives of existing Canadian privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act, and comparable provincial legislation.

“Nine out of every ten Canadian taxpayers files electronically. Our industry’s best practices on privacy and security have evolved as Canadians increasingly take advantage of convenient electronic filing methods, and today we are pleased to make a public commitment to Canadians that their data is safe in our hands. The personal information entrusted to us has only one use: to file Canadians’ taxes safely and securely,” said Dan Pfeffer, Executive Director of TFEC.

Industry has collaborated closely with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to ensure that electronic filing is safe and secure. When Canadian taxpayers file electronically, a secure portal communicates between the filing platform and the CRA. Private sector tax-filing software, including the free versions available to Canadians, are certified annually by the CRA, which entails meeting government software standards and testing by a specialized IT group within the CRA.

“TFEC’s code of conduct is a significant step forward for the tax preparation and software industry. It represents our industry’s commitment to the highest standards of privacy and security for the sensitive data Canadians entrust to us,” said Pfeffer.

Formed in 2018, TFEC is a 12-member national industry association comprised of Canada’s leading tax preparation and software firms. TFEC members’ services are widely available across Canada, and the organization collaborates closely with the CRA, Revenu Quebec, and other provincial bodies to ensure all Canadians have access to impartial, accurate, and accessible tax preparation and software options.

For more information on TFEC and for all media inquiries, please contact:

Dan Pfeffer
Executive Director
Tax-Filer Empowerment Canada