About Us

About Us

About Us

One united voice

TFEC unites leading tax software developers and tax preparers to present a singular voice in Ottawa and across the country, with the goal of providing Canadians affordable, impartial, accurate and accessible tax filing options.

Our national association promotes collaboration between Canadian tax filers, our industry and government stakeholders such as the Canada Revenue Agency, Revenu Québec, and other provincial bodies.

TFEC was formed in 2018. Today, the association counts 12 members and represents Canada’s leading tax preparation and software firms.

Our Offerings

TFEC member companies’ electronic filing offerings include:


Our objectives

To ensure Canadians benefit from the expertise of the tax preparation and software industry.

To promote tax filing options that are affordable, innovative, accurate, accessible and safe for Canadians.

To maintain independence and confidence in Canada’s tax-filing system by ensuring the roles of tax preparer and tax collector remain separate and distinct.