TFEC works to ensure the tax-filing process continues to evolve and innovate in a manner that best serves Canadians.

The following are some of the public policy priorities on which TFEC advocates:


Enhancing collaboration between government stakeholders and the tax preparation and software industry to ensure Canadians are filing their taxes and receiving the benefits that they are entitled to.


Fostering further innovation and efficiencies within Canada’s tax filing system for the benefit of all Canadians.

Knowledge & Support

Ensuring the tax preparation and software industry plays a leading role in providing industry knowledge and support in response to government public policy proposals and objectives.


Maintaining clear separation between tax preparation and tax collection within Canada’s tax-filing system. The separation of these roles enshrines the rights of Canadians to independently prepare and file their income taxes, while enabling the Canada Revenue Agency to focus its efforts on impartially assessing tax-filing and taking enforcement action when necessary. This separation of these roles is a fundamental hallmark of Canada’s self-declaration tax filing system.